ADHD Assessment

DELR offers comprehensive ADHD assessment, evaluation and treatment. The evaluation includes taking an objective, computerized test, the QbTest, which is an FDA approved advanced test for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. It is also used to gain a clear understanding of ADHD symptoms.
ADHD has three main symptoms:
Inattention – the extent to which someone can remain focused on a task,
Hyperactivity – the amount of movement, e.g. tapping foot, fidgeting,
Impulsivity – lack of impulse control, e.g. blurting out answers in class.
The QbTest measures activity level, impulse control, and the ability to maintain attention. The results of the QbTest are used to create a report which compares an individual’s results with data from other people of the same sex and age. The test takes 20 minutes to complete and is not dependent on your language, reading or mathematics skills. 
Treatment for ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Treatment can be put into two categories: pharmacological treatments and non-pharmacological treatments which includes behavioral therapy.
At DELR, you will learn about the common treatments for ADHD, how ADHD treatments work, and how different factors can affect ADHD symptoms.