Special Programs


DELR offers a comprehensive evaluation for individuals accused of crossing sexual and other ethical boundaries in their professional lives. This evaluation is often requested or mandated by various licensing boards, employers, or other groups to whom a professional may belong, as a condition of their remaining in their chosen vocation. The evaluation process includes multiple interviews and psychological testing focusing on the nature of the boundary crossing, the psychological/emotional issues underlying the misconduct, and the professional’s ability to competently and safely continue in their chosen profession. The result of the evaluation is documented in a written report and is submitted to the requesting agency. Recommendations for further training, supervision, mentoring, or personal therapy, and any restrictions or limitations in ongoing practice are included in the report.


Attitudes have changed dramatically towards the desire to live one’s life in a new gender presentation, but for many individuals this crucial decision is not an easy one before, during, or after transition. DELR staff has been providing care for transgender children, adolescents, and adults for over forty years. Care involves thorough psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, and support for parents, their children, adolescents, and adults and their spouses. We are committed to ongoing support for those contemplating transition, undergoing it, coping with new life challenges, and for those considering de-transitioning. We maintain a collaborative relationship with a network of competent endocrinologists and surgeons for those undertaking hormonal and surgical assistance. Because every person’s life circumstance is unique, decision for referrals to these professionals are made on a case by case basis following a process of getting to know our patients well and partnering with them to make the decision that best fits their life circumstances.


DELR staff has a longstanding expertise in the evaluation and treatment of problematic sexual behaviors including sexual addictions and compulsions, infidelity, and unconventional sexual preferences. The program offers the individual a safe and non-judgmental place to explore these highly sensitive issues. Treatment options include individual, marital, and group therapy, medication management, and coordination with local 12-step recovery programs for sexual addiction.