Our board certified psychiatrists and advanced practice nurses provide you with a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and then, together with you, will develop the most effective and personalized treatment plan. These professionals provide psychotherapy and counseling in addition to medication treatment as well as working in collaboration with other therapists.


Our board certified child and adolescent psychiatrists complete comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and treatment for children, adolescents and their families. These professionals provide medication management in conjunction with psychotherapy, and work in collaboration with other therapists.


Our expert clinical staff of licensed psychologists, social workers, and counselors offer individual psychotherapy for those of any age that may be experiencing life stressors such as a time of crisis or transition, feelings of anxiety or depression, school, job, or relationship problems, or a struggle with sorting out some difficult decisions. These professionals will partner with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will help you sort through your concerns, understand your personal dynamics and make choices that help improve your life.


We offer therapy to couples in any kind of relationship, and we are here to understand your unique struggles. Couples therapy often focuses on the goals of improving communication, problem-solving, and increasing psychological and sexual intimacy.


We offer a variety of types and models of group therapy. Some group therapies are short-term psycho-educational groups; others are open-ended groups that meet regularly throughout the year. Group therapy is particularly effective for anxiety and mood disorders, compulsive sexual behaviors and struggles with coping in life.